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Birders Travel is the only dedicated comparison website for worldwide birding tours. We think of it as the “birding tour marquee at the bird fair of the internet”. Treat it as a virtual matchmaker or dating agency where you can search for your ideal bird tour; birding tour operators can attract birders to suit their bird tour itineraries. We believe that tour operators are not really in competition, but that each offers a unique style of birding experience and that each birder has unique needs; the art is to match the two — that’s why we created Birders Travel!

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You can search by destination only, or for particular dates, or trips that last for the number of days you have available or ANY combination of all three!

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If you know where you might want to go, but haven’t decided when to go, then search by “destination” only. If you haven’t made up your mind where to go, but can only travel between certain dates, then enter those dates and search that way. If you have, say, two weeks annual leave but can take it anytime you wish, but haven’t decided where to go, just search by “duration”.

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